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My name is Henna and I am a kantele enthusiast. I am a researcher of kantele acoustics and a player by hobby. During office hours I am a research engineer at Yamaha R&D in Japan, and I am about to finish a PhD on concert hall  acoustics at Aalto University in Finland.

In this blog, I intend to share all kinds of thoughts and links about the kantele, and bring knowledge of kantele-related acoustics, music, and culture together. Please enjoy the blog and comment the posts. And give me hints of any interesting kantele-related phenomena you have observed.

Please note that I am a Finn, so I may write about the kantele from the Finnish perspective at times. Or probably most of the time. But I find the worldwide kantele community equally fascinating.

You can find some of my own explorations into the kantele music at Soundcloud.


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  1. Hello Henna

    My name is Philippe. I am a 32 years old musician from France. I play the Kantele and have been endorsed by Koistinen Kantele in July 2011. I have the pleasure to be accepted at Haihatus Artist in Residence program in March and April 2015as well as in Arteles in May 2015 and I would like to know if you would have any recommendation/ contacts in order for me to do some music performance while I am in Finland ?

    I play pop and contemporary music, I sing in english and in french. I have a 1 hour set. I play a very different style from traditional Finnish Kantele player and I would be pleased to be able to share my music, work and passion. I have been playing in many different places and setting but I have actually never played in Finland which is a shame. I have at heart to show what a foreigner can draw out of the Kantele, someone who hasn’t been exposed to traditional teaching in conservatory. I am an autodidact and I am in love with the Kantele since I discovered it years ago.

    You can listen to some of my music on http://beer-gabel.com/music/feather-feather and watch my most recent clip Cils

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Best regards

    Philippe Beer-Gabel
    +33 6 50 18 93 27

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