Collections of kantele: The Finnish kantele museum and the kantele database

In Central Finland, about 350 km north of Helsinki, there is musicians’ house, Palokan Pelimannitalo. And on the second floor of this house, there is the Finnish kantele museum. Gathered by the Finnish kantele researcher Kari Dahlblom, the collection features about 150 kanteles from Finland and around the Baltic sea.

The museum occasionally features special exhibitions and concerts.

The museum is  currently open on Tuesdays between 4-6 pm. You can find the museum on Facebook.

If you would like to be a part of documenting the history of the kantele and mapping the existing old instruments, and most importantly, you have some old kanteles lying around, I recommend to insert data and pictures of the kantele in the kantele database. The database is also designed to serve researchers and instrument builders. Anyone is free to browse and add entries to the database, but you have register first. The idea is to document the existing kanteles, with most interest on kanteles made before the 1970’s. Three most important things are to provide pictures from the three angles, some basic physical measures of the instrument, and the history of the instrument to your knowledge. Instructions are available on the website in Finnish.


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